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Tracking Santa Claus: About NORAD & AGI on the Web
Our Radar
1997 & 19981997 & 1998: Millions
In 1997 AGI and NORAD first teamed to provide children with news of Santa sightings. We were both surprised by the avalanche of interest and web activity spurred by nearly 200 TV spots.

In 1998 NORAD and AGI teamed with IBM's hosting services to support the traffic load. Over a two-day period the site responded to 28 million web hits spurred by coverage from over 400 print and TV stories.

19991999: Millions More
In 1999 NORAD and AGI worked with IBM again. This time the media published over 65 print stories and 426 television stations reported on the web site. An extraordinary 52 million hits were delivered by the NORAD Santa Site during the twenty-four hours before Christmas.
20002000: International
In 2000 NORAD and AGI are teamed with AOL's hosting services to once again provide children with news of Santa sightings. No doubt, you'll hear about the site on TV, radio and the newspaper. Web search engines have found us, too. With AOL's help, we're hoping for over 100 million hits this season. Wish us luck.
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