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Is There A Santa? Is He Real?
There are lots of stories about Santa Claus. Virginia's famous question is only one. To find out about her letter and other wonderful tales, click here.
How Does Santa Claus Get Down The Chimney? Chimney
Every child wants to know how Santa gets down chimneys, how many snacks he eats and how many homes he visits on Christmas eve. If you want to find out, click here.
Santa's Snacks Santa's Snacks
Santa pauses for lots of different things during his long trip. To find out what Santa snacks on, click here.
How Does Santa Visit So Many Homes In One Night? Many Homes
Santa has a huge list of good children, with addresses and even zip (postal) codes for each one. The list, of course, gets bigger each year. How big? Click here to find out.
Is there a Santa Claus? How does Santa Claus get down the chimney? How many snacks does Santa Claus eat? How does Santa Claus visit so many homes?