Santa Sleigh Santa Sleigh Santa Sleigh
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Our Radar
RealPlayerIn order to listen to and see movies of Santa's visits around the world, you'll need RealPlayer. There is a free download version of this application available, just click here to get it.
Planning for the Big Night
Santa's RouteEvery year, Santa's travels are watched by NORAD's scanning radar. And this year will be no exception. Starting early in the morning of December 24, 2000, we'll be looking for him. Based on careful record-keeping from years past, we have a pretty good idea of his route and schedule.
       On Christmas eve we'll post a map of the world on this web site. Like the one shown here, it will pinpoint the places Santa visits. We'll update the map all night long, showing you where Santa is every moment, where he's been and where he's going. Clicking on that map will display movies of his journey.
The Places He Goes
Santa, of course, goes everywhere. Our tracking equipment picks him up now and then. Last year (and probably again this year) we spotted him in a number of places. To see when and where we saw him last year, click here.
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